8% carbohydrates

Imagine having breakfast with a tasty croissant filled with chocolate .. a real pleasure designed for your low carb diet with 8% carbohydrates!

30% protein

If you are looking for:

an enviable form without giving up the pleasure of Italian taste
an excellent first course but low in carbohydrates
a healthy pleasure designed for those who must reintroduce carbohydrates after a diet with very low carbohydrate intake

feelingok pasta is the best answer on the market to your needs.

45% fiber

All the fragrance of toasted bread , but with few carbohydrates. Try them in the morning for breakfast along with some chocolate spread or with your main meal. Also available with seeds and in the sweet cocoa flavor.

  • 89% less sugars compared to average best-selling toasted bread;
  • 376% more protein compared to average best-selling toasted bread;
  • Source: AIDEPI, for further information: www.aidepi.it/claims-comparativi